Treatment at Suraksha Hospital

Suraksha Hospital in Doddaballapur is where we provide complete all-round care for patients who come from within and outside Karnataka. The hospital and its doctors along with qualified staff have been providing mental health services and rehabilitation. At Suraksha Hospital, we believe in patiently listening to those who come so that we arrive at the correct diagnosis. Treatments and follow-ups are at the core of our belief.  We provide the best in-patient and out-patient services
Whether it is a minor ailment like an epilepsy or a major mental illness that requires serious attention, Suraksha Hospital has the treatments for various and varied mental illnesses. Care, treatment, counselling, diognosis, rehab and referrals are provided under the professional and expert care of Dr Suresh.
Whether it is Neuropsychiatric disturbances or psychiatric rehabilitatio services, Suraksha hospital attends to the patients with a wide range of services and refers to the best in care and treatment when needed. Set up in the rural area, the treatment protocol suits to the needs of the rural people with Dr Suresh at the beck and call, with just a phone call needed to take an appointment. A dedicated doc, who left the luxury of a city life, he lives in a village close to you, to attend to you whenever needed.
The hospital has multiple consultation rooms, counselling room, lab, pharmacy, in-patient beds, rest room, lobby to relax and a beautiful garden to walk around. It is manned by frinedly staff, nurses, counsellors and volunteers who are ever willing to talk to you and support you in treatment, rehab and recovery. We also provide facilities for patents, to support their local communities once recovered.