Our Services

30 Beds

Suraksha Hospital offers an in-patient bed strength of 30 with provision for extra beds for emergencies. There are separate wards for female and male patients. Special beds are available for mental health patients who need isolated care. Short-stay residency facilities for care-takers are available at a nominal cost. Long-term beds for rehabilitation of psychiatric care and substance-abuse patients are also available.

Nursing staff and a resident doctor is always available and specialists are just a call away. The hospital offers consultation, counselling, physio-therapy. Suraksha is equipped to handle Acute management during an emergency as well as psychological counselling. A canteen in the premises offers vegetarian breakfast and meals. Essentials can be bought from shops close to Gitam University nearby.

24 x 7

Suraksha Hospital provides care, treatment and services 24×7. A Resident Doctor, and other hospital staff such as counsellor, staff nurses and lab technician are always available at the campus. The hospital stocks adequate medicines to handle any psychological emergency.

The Reception is open always. A landline helpline number is also available for those travelling to the hospital or seeking information.

It is staffed by full-fledged nursing care, counsellors and doctors who are able to handle neuro-psychological problems.


The hospital has an in-house licenced Pharmacy where all necessary drugs and other pharmaceutical requirements are readily available. It is open 24 hours. The licensed drug-dispensary not only stocks all necessary and prescription drugs but also focuses on treatment adherence as a value-added service. The dispensing personnel advise patients on correct and consistent use of medication to prevent resistance and promote adherence. Best practices of food and nutrition to go with the medicines are also advised routinely.


Yoga is good for mental conditioning and active mental health. Recent research shows that Yoga can be a very useful tool for self-growth, empowerment and healing for those with mental health issues. Though at an infant stage, research also shows practising Yoga helps the body and eases the mind too. This ancient practice helps those suffering from mental-health conditions ranging from depression, schizophrenia, ADHD and sleep complaints.

Yoga therapy is part of our inpatient manual as the hospital places high value on a patient’s mental well-being and self-awareness. It is suggested that yoga might also affect the body in ways similar to antidepressants and psychotherapy. Some studies say yoga is likely to influence brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters by boosting levels of feel-good agents like serotonin. It can also lower inflammation, reduce oxidative stress and produce a healthier balance of lipids and growth factors.

Music Therapy

At Suraksha Hospital, we practice many methods to heal the mind. While Art Therapy, Theatre, Psychodrama and dance are many forms for counselling and expression to calm the mind, here, we suggest Music also as a form of therapy. Listening to Music has shown beneficial effects on patients with psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other disorders. It helps to stabilise such in-patients. Though world over, the positive impact of music therapy is well-known, it is not so widespread in India yet. Music therapy is a novel way of treating those with mental health issues and is an emerging discipline. It has therapeutic benefits in psycho-social functioning and is effective and enjoyable for patients.

Medical Research has recognised the uses of music therapy for different mental health issues such as depression, trauma and schizophrenia and many others. Music is a medium which not only helps process emotions, trauma, and extreme sadness but can also help in regulating or calming the mind for those who are affected by anxiety and stress.


We treat patients well! The hospital offers individual therapy and psychotherapy. Family counselling is also offered on a case-to-case basis. Apart from many mental health issues, people who have lived through crises and continue to live in the stress of day-to-day diseases, may have depression and anxiety. At the time, when they need to take action for themselves and their families, professional counselling is much needed. The hospital has trained Counsellors to take care of such patients. Our counsellors are also equipped to deal with patients with TB, HIV, those who inject drugs and other diseases that leave a mark on patients due to stigma, fear and dejection.

Suraksha’s mental healthcare aims primarily to reduce people’s symptoms and improve their ability to function. Professional psychologists or psychiatrists provide technical support and clinical supervision, whenever required. Counselling services can reinforce or complement mental healthcare approaches that already exist in the local community.

At the same time, specialised care and treatment by qualified doctors is available to treat severe mental illnesses.